Joining The Military is never an easy decision. We are Recruiters providing you the facts about the enlistment process.

The Army Prior Service Business Rules That Determine Your Reenlistment Eligibility
As a direct result of the economy, a large number of Veterans are abandoning the job hunt and attempting to[...]
Smart Financial Moves Every New Service Member Should Make
A Soldier’s life can be full of challenges, from the nuisances of military life to the separation anxiety often referred to[...]
How To Prepare For The 2017 MAVNI Program
First off, I understand that the 2017 MAVNI Program is a hot topic and I hope to provide regular updates.[...]
Approximately 100 MAVNI Slots Remain For FY16
When the program opened for FY16, 5000 MAVNI slots were made available for qualified applicants to enlist into the U.S.[...]
Army MOS 25U Signal Support Systems Specialist
The 25U Signal Support Systems Specialist is currently a critical MOS, currently offering up to  $21,000 cash as an enlistment bonus.[...]
Army Enlistment Bonus: 43 Jobs Offering Cash For Your Service
On June 6th, the Army updated its Regular Army enlistment incentives program for 2016. This program highlights the latest Army[...]
Master List of Army Military Occupational Specialties
The following is a list of Army Military Occupational Specialties and Career Management Fields of Army skills. Visit an Army[...]
How To Become A Cultural Advisor Through The Navy MAVNI Program
Since the founding of our nation, foreign nationals and immigrants have fought alongside Sailors in the United States Navy. In[...]
The Master List of Military Reenlistment Codes (RE Codes)
Reentry codes are alphanumeric characters, found on the DD Form 214. RE Codes determine if Service Members can reenlist in[...]
It’s Official The MAVNI Program Is Closed For 2016
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Army MAVNI language program is officially closed for FY 2016.[...]
How To Correct Mistakes On DD Form 214 & Military Service Records
When a Service Member separates from the Military, they are required to attend a final out processing appointment. The final[...]
The Army Blue To Green Program
Background On The Army Blue to Green Program In the early stages of the War on Terror, the Air Force[...]
OPI Test: The Official Guide To The Army Oral Proficiency Interview
We receive a lot of questions from applicants asking about the OPI and what they should expect. This post should[...]
Chinese MAVNI Closing For New Applicants
We have just received an update specifically for Chinese MAVNI applicants. Due to the high applicant volume for Cantonese and[...]
Army MOS 15N Avionics Mechanic
The avionic mechanic performs maintenance on tactical-communications-security, communication, navigation and flight control equipment. Job Duties Perform maintenance checks on aircraft[...]
Army MOS 17C Cyber Operations Specialist
The 17C Cyber Operations Specialist execute offensive and defensive cyberspace operations in support of the full range of military operations[...]
Army MOS 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman
The indirect fire infantryman is a member of a mortar squad, section or platoon. The mortar has the most power[...]
Army MOS 11B Infantryman
The 11B Infantryman is the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. They are responsible for defending our[...]
Army MOS 15W UAV Operator – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
The 15W Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operators (UAV) are key to providing Army Leaders with critical intelligence during combat operations. The 15W[...]
Army MOS 13J Fire Control Specialist
  13J Fire Control Specialist is a new MOS, created by the Artillery Branch. They recently merged 13D and 13P[...]

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