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How Grade Determination Waivers Calculate PS Rank

Grade Determination Waivers

Prior Service (PS) applicants are Veterans of the U.S. Military who desire to serve again. The Recruiting force thoroughly scrutinizes PS applicants to determine their qualifications. Recruiters will review the DD Form 214; specifically the separation code, reentry code, the narrative reason for separation, last rank held and the date of separation. In certain cases, […]

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The Army Prior Service Business Rules That Determine Your Reenlistment Eligibility

Prior Service Business Rules

As a direct result of the economy, a large number of Veterans are abandoning the job hunt and attempting to reenlist into the US Army. These Prior Service (PS) applicants (anyone that has served more than 180 days on Active Duty), are faced with “restrictions” that determine when, and how they can continue serving. These restrictions […]

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The Master List of Military Reenlistment Codes (RE Codes)

Military Reenlistment Codes

Reentry codes are alphanumeric characters, found on the DD Form 214. RE Codes determine if Service Members can reenlist in the Army or transfer from another branch of service at a later time. On the bottom section of the DD214, blocks 24, 26, and 27 provides the characterization of service, separation, and reenlistment code. The character of […]

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How To Correct Mistakes On DD Form 214 & Military Service Records

Correct DD Form 214

When a Service Member separates from the Military, they are required to attend a final out processing appointment. The final appointment is very important as it allows the Service Member to review their DD Form 214, reentry codes and Military Service Records. Sometimes, in their haste to transition into the civilian sector, their records are […]

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The Army Blue To Green Program

Army Blue To Green Program

Background On The Army Blue to Green Program In the early stages of the War on Terror, the Air Force and Navy needed to reduce their active duty end strength, while the Army needed to grow. They decided to offer Airmen and Sailors the opportunity to retrain, separate, transition to a reserve component or enlist […]

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