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How Grade Determination Waivers Calculate PS Rank

Grade Determination Waivers

Prior Service (PS) applicants are Veterans of the U.S. Military who desire to serve again. The Recruiting force thoroughly scrutinizes PS applicants to determine their qualifications. Recruiters will review the DD Form 214; specifically the separation code, reentry code, the narrative reason for separation, last rank held and the date of separation. In certain cases, […]

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Here’s Why You Should Never Lie To Join The Military

Should I Lie to Join the Military? Believe it or not, this question is more popular than you think. Over my years as a recruiter, I have directly and indirectly assisted thousands of young Americans with their enlistment process. While I understand that NO applicant is squeaky clean, there is a cost to lying in order […]

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An Overview Of Army Enlistment Waivers

Army Enlistment Waivers

Shortly after 9/11, during the initial phases of the War On Terror, the US Army accepted just about anyone capable of walking through the doors of the recruiting center. The standards for misconduct and medical waivers was reduced to increase the pool of eligible applicants for enlistment. Now, almost fifteen years later, the Army is […]

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