Approximately 100 MAVNI Slots Remain For FY16

When the program opened for FY16, 5000 MAVNI slots were made available for qualified applicants to enlist into the U.S. Army. On June 24th, we received notification that the last MAVNI applicant had enlisted for FY16, exhausting all of the remaining allocations and closing the program.

Yesterday, we received word that there are approximately 100 allocations remaining for FY16. or Regular Army Enlistment only.

Unfortunately, these are available for Regular Army Enlistment only.

Slots will go on a first-come-first-served basis to applicants who are fully qualified to enlist:

  • Passed the ASVAB with a 50+
  • Completed the enlistment physical with a clean medical profile
  • Successfully passed the OPI
  • Completed the Enlistment Application to include fingerprints

Each battalion will have a general idea of those qualified who were unable to enlist before the temporary closing of the program. I expect that each battalion will have approximately 2-3 slots. These slots will not last long, if you’re not fully qualified, please don’t waste your time. Instead, patiently wait for the reopening of the program in 2017 (FYI, we don’t know exactly when).

For those of you who have yet to begin the journey, opt-in to our MAVNI mailing list for timely updates.

About the Author MSG Washington

MSG Washington has served within the ranks of the United States Army since June of 2001. With ten years of recruiting experience, he is an expert on Recruiting Operations, who willingly assists applicants across the Country with their enlistment process.

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