Army MOS 11X Infantry Recruit

The 11X Infantry Recruit is the initial MOS given to applicants who choose to enlist in the Infantry. The Infantry are the Soldiers who engage, fight, and destroy the enemy in face-to-face combat. Recognized as the oldest of the combat arms, and the “Queen of Battle.” In battle, the Infantry typically bear the brunt of warfare and often suffer the most casualties.

Recognized as the oldest of the combat arms, the Infantry typically bear the brunt of war and often sustain the greatest amount of casualties, during sustained conflicts.

In the U.S. Army, the Infantry are the tip of the spear and continually undergo training that is more physically stressful and psychologically demanding than that of any other branch of the combat arms.

Infantry can enter and maneuver in terrain that is inaccessible to military vehicles and employ crew-served weapons that provide greater and more sustained firepower. The transport and delivery techniques of modern infantrymen to engage in battle include marching, mechanized transport, Airborne Operations or by Air Assault from a helicopter.

11X Infantry Recruit

11X Infantry Recruit Training

Applicants who enlist as 11X Infantry Recruits attend One Station Unit Training (OSUT) at Fort Benning, Georgia.  OSUT is a combination of Army Basic Training and Infantry Advanced Individual Training (AIT) into one 14-week course.

Infantry OSUT is broken down into five distinct phases:

Red Phase: Weeks 1-3

Consists of an environment of total control, where active, involved, and positive leaders begin transforming volunteers into Soldiers through the Soldierization process. Training is focused on Physical Fitness, the Army’s Values and traditions, and Warrior Ethos

White Phase: Weeks 4-6

This phase is centered on the development of basic combat skills, with special emphasis on weapon proficiency. Physical Fitness is also a primary focus during this phase.

Blue Phase: Weeks 7-9

Concentrates on individual and team tactical training.

Black Phase: Weeks 10-12

This phase is focused on the review of what the Soldiers have learned, with an emphasis on a 7-day platoon level mounted react to contact and Field Training Exercise.

Gold Phase: Weeks 13-14

This is the recovery period to finish administration paperwork, appointments, and cleaning of weapons and equipment which ends with the Turning Blue ceremony and graduation.

Becoming 11B or 11C

During OSUT training, recruits are allowed to list their specific infantry job preferences, ultimately final designations are determined based on the “needs of the Army.”

Upon graduation from OSUT, recruits are assigned to one of the following Infantry MOS’s:

11X Qualifications

ASVAB Score: 87 CO

PULHES Profile:  111221

Security Clearance: None

Vision: Normal Color Vision

Physical Demands Rating: Very heavy

Additional Notes: 


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