Army MOS 68Y Eye Specialist

The 68Y Eye Specialist conducts conduct routine diagnostic test and assists in the care and treatment of ophthalmology and optometry patients.  The primary objective of 68Y training is to produce highly qualified Eye Specialist, who ensure the visual readiness of Soldiers and the Army.

During 68Y AIT, you will be taught to read a spectacle prescription, how to order glasses and protective mask inserts from the optical fabrication laboratory. As well as how to perform minor repairs and adjustments to spectacles.

You will learn how to teach patients to insert, remove, and care for their contact lenses.  You will train to perform Tonometry tests to measure the pressure within the eye, to test visual fields and to locate areas with reduced vision.

After completion of initial entry training, you will be assigned either in the United States or overseas to a fixed facility or a field unit.  You may be assigned to an optometry or ophthalmology clinic or to a deployable optometry team, where you’ll perform preliminary testing to find out just how well a patient can see.

You may be required to assist an optometrist or ophthalmologist with patient medical problems such as injuries infections and diseases of the eye.

Your duties as an Eye Specialist may require you to give assistance during minor eye surgery in a clinical setting or support operating room procedures during vision correction surgery.

As an Eye Specialist, you will administer prescribed medications in preparation for the patient’s eye exam. You will also apply and remove dressings as needed or sterilize surgical instruments.

68Y Eye Specialist

Job Description

The Eye Specialist supervises or conducts routine diagnostic tests and assists in the care and treatment of ophthalmology or optometry.

Training Requirements

Job training for an Eye Specialist consists of 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training and 17 weeks of Advanced Individual Training.

Fort Sam Houston, TX is the location for 68Y AIT

68Y requires a 72-month enlistment.

68Y Qualifications

ASVAB Score: 101 ST and 107 GT

PULHES Profile:  222221

Vision: R/G

Physical Demands Rating: Medium

Additional Notes: No aversion to blood. Have a high school diploma or GED equivalency with Pre-Algebra.

No history of alcoholism, drug addiction, indiscriminate use of habit foreign or dangerous drugs. No history of a felony conviction. No history of conviction of crimes involving an out of hospital patient or patient or resident of medical care facility. Financial exploitation of a person entrusted to a care of the applicant. Any weapons ammunition explosives arson charges.  Any drug activity, violence against persons or property, or sexual misconduct.

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