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The Master List of Military Reenlistment Codes (RE Codes)

Military Reenlistment Codes

Reentry codes are alphanumeric characters, found on the DD Form 214. RE Codes determine if Service Members can reenlist in the Army or transfer from another branch of service at a later time. On the bottom section of the DD214, blocks 24, 26, and 27 provides the characterization of service, separation, and reenlistment code. The character of […]

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It’s Official The MAVNI Program Is Closed For 2016

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Army MAVNI language program is officially closed for FY 2016. Vacancies still exist for licensed healthcare practitioners. Effective immediately, the Army will cease to process MAVNI applicants for enlistment. This includes status requests, OPI’s, and enlistments. As soon as we receive updates for the FY17 […]

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How To Correct Mistakes On DD Form 214 & Military Service Records

Correct DD Form 214

When a Service Member separates from the Military, they are required to attend a final out processing appointment. The final appointment is very important as it allows the Service Member to review their DD Form 214, reentry codes and Military Service Records. Sometimes, in their haste to transition into the civilian sector, their records are […]

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The Army Blue To Green Program

Army Blue To Green Program

Background On The Army Blue to Green Program In the early stages of the War on Terror, the Air Force and Navy needed to reduce their active duty end strength, while the Army needed to grow. They decided to offer Airmen and Sailors the opportunity to retrain, separate, transition to a reserve component or enlist […]

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OPI Test: The Official Guide To The Army Oral Proficiency Interview

Army Oral Proficiency Interview

We receive a lot of questions from applicants asking about the OPI and what they should expect. This post should help to alleviate some of the stress and better prepare you to successfully pass the OPI the first time. If after reading this you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment below or […]

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Chinese MAVNI Closing For New Applicants

Chinese MAVNI

We have just received an update specifically for Chinese MAVNI applicants. Due to the high applicant volume for Cantonese and Mandarin, the Army’s primary contractor has a backlog for the oral proficiency interview (OPI). Current, applicants are being scheduled to test in July. Unfortunately, it is expected that the MAVNI program will close sometime in […]

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Army MOS 15N Avionics Mechanic

The avionic mechanic performs maintenance on tactical-communications-security, communication, navigation and flight control equipment. Job Duties Perform maintenance checks on aircraft flight controls, stabilization systems, avionics and controlled cryptographic equipment Maintain common/special tools and equipment Troubleshoot equipment and diagnose repairs Maintain shop and bench stock for aircraft avionics equipment 15N Qualifications ASVAB Score: EL 93. We […]

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Army MOS 17C Cyber Operations Specialist

17C Cyber Operations Specialist

The 17C Cyber Operations Specialist execute offensive and defensive cyberspace operations in support of the full range of military operations by enabling actions and generating effects across all domains. The Cyber Operations Specialist ensures the freedom of maneuver within the Cyberspace domain and denies the same to adversaries. Cyber Operations Specialists will enable Offensive Cyberspace […]

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Army MOS 11C Indirect Fire Infantryman

11C indirect Fire Infantryman

The indirect fire infantryman is a member of a mortar squad, section or platoon. The mortar has the most power and range of any weapon in an infantry unit. 11C Job Duties Set up, load and fire three types of mortars: 60mm, 81mm or 120mm Employ crew and weapons in offensive, defensive and retrograde ground […]

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Army MOS 11B Infantryman

The 11B Infantryman is the main land combat force and backbone of the Army. They are responsible for defending our country against any threat by land, as well as capturing, destroying and repelling enemy ground forces. 11B Job Duties Perform as a member of a fire team during drills and combat Aid in the mobilization […]

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