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Army MOS 15W UAV Operator – Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

The 15W Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operators (UAV) are key to providing Army Leaders with critical intelligence during combat operations. The 15W UAV Operators are remote pilots of unmanned observation aircraft, who collect and analyze information for Military Intelligence teams. The UAV operator supervises or operates the UAV, such as the Army’s Shadow Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, to include […]

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Army MOS 13J Fire Control Specialist

13J Fire Control Specialist

13J Fire Control Specialist is a new MOS, created by the Artillery Branch. They recently merged 13D and 13P into a single MOS – 13J, Fire control Specialist. Going forward MOS 13D and MOS 13P will be deleted. A transitional additional skill identifier Y2 code will be assigned to all personnel who were awarded MOS […]

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Army MOS 68T Animal Care Specialist

The 68T Animal Care Specialist also known as an Army Veterinary Technician is primarily responsible for the prevention and control of diseases transmitted from animal to man, as well as the comprehensive care for government-owned animals. The United States Army provides veterinary services on installations both stateside and overseas. Because of this, applicants with a passion […]

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Army MOS 31D Criminal Investigations Special Agent (CID)

The 31D is a Special Agent with the United States Criminal Investigations Command. 31D Special Agents, are primarily responsible for investigating cases where a felony level crime has been committed. Within the ranks of the Army, they serve as both Soldier and a Criminal Investigator Job Duties Investigate criminal activities such as espionage, treason, and […]

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Army MOS 13B Cannon Crewmember

13B Cannon Crewmember

The 13B Cannon Crewmember is artillery in it’s simplest form. The 13B provides accurate and timely artillery fires, to support Infantry and Armor units during combat operations. Wire and radio communications Identify target locations Operate self-propelled howitzers, ammunition trucks and other vehicles Participate in reconnaissance operations REQUIREMENTS Those who want to serve must first take the Armed Services […]

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Army MOS 11X Infantry Recruit

The 11X Infantry Recruit is the initial MOS given to applicants who choose to enlist in the Infantry. The Infantry are the Soldiers who engage, fight, and destroy the enemy in face-to-face combat. Recognized as the oldest of the combat arms, and the “Queen of Battle.” In battle, the Infantry typically bear the brunt of […]

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Army MOS 15Q Air Traffic Controller

The 15Q Air Traffic Controller is responsible for tracking planes and giving them landing and takeoff instructions at air traffic control facilities. Job Duties Control airborne and ground traffic Assist in the installation/relocation of tactical air traffic control facilities Process flight plan data and maintain logs, records, files and tape recordings of voice communications Requirements […]

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Army MOS 19K Tanker – M1 Armor Crewman

The 19K M1 Armor Crewman is responsible for operating armored equipment such as the M1A2 Abrams to destroy enemy positions. As part of the tank and armor unit, they are ready to defend our country anywhere in the world. Job Duties Operate tracked and wheeled vehicles over various terrain Use communications equipment to receive and […]

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Army MOS 13F Fire Support Specialist

The 13F Fire Support Specialist is primarily responsible for the intelligence activities of the Army’s field artillery team. JOB DUTIES Set up and operate communications systems Encode and decode messages Assist in the preparation of fire support plans, coordinates, and targets Operate laser range finders and target devices Determine target location using computers or manual […]

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