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Army MOS 68L Occupational Therapy Specialist

68L Occupational Therapy Specialist

68L Occupational Therapy Specialist Job Description The 68L Occupational Therapy Specialist supervises, tests, plans treatment programs, and teaches and assists patients to facilitate maximum recovery by decreasing physical and mental disabilities resulting from illness or trauma, as well as promotes lifestyle modifications to improve fitness. Training Requirements for 68L Job training for an Occupational Therapy Specialist […]

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Army MOS 68B Orthopedic Specialist

68B Orthopedic Specialist

68B Orthopedic Specialist   Job Description The Orthopedic Specialist assists with the management of an orthopedic clinic, or assists in the treatment of patients with orthopedic conditions and injuries. Orthopedic Specialists works under the supervision of an orthopedic physician, orthopedic physician assistant, or podiatrist.   68B Training Requirements Job training for an Orthopedic Specialist consists of […]

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