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MAVNI Future Soldiers Trapped In DEP Unable To Ship To Training

In August we received notification about the last 100 MAVNI slots for FY16, shortly afterward the USAREC CG held a forum discussing the FY 17 MAVNI Program. Now, we have just received devastating news which will affect thousands of MAVNI Future Soldiers (FS), scheduled to ship to training over the next few months. I understand that this […]

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How To Prepare For The 2017 MAVNI Program

2017 MAVNI Program

First off, I understand that the 2017 MAVNI Program is a hot topic and I hope to provide regular updates. We’ve just received notification that current MAVNI Future Soldiers will not be held over in the Delayed Entry Program until 2018. The U.S. Army recently announced the closure of a program that expedites the citizenship […]

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Approximately 100 MAVNI Slots Remain For FY16


When the program opened for FY16, 5000 MAVNI slots were made available for qualified applicants to enlist into the U.S. Army. On June 24th, we received notification that the last MAVNI applicant had enlisted for FY16, exhausting all of the remaining allocations and closing the program. Yesterday, we received word that there are approximately 100 allocations […]

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How To Become A Cultural Advisor Through The Navy MAVNI Program

Navy MAVNI Program

Since the founding of our nation, foreign nationals and immigrants have fought alongside Sailors in the United States Navy. In days past, the Navy only accepted applicants with a lawful permanent residence status. For Fiscal Year 2016-2017, the Secretary of Defense has authorized the Navy to recruit legal, non-immigrant aliens, with special languages and cultural […]

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It’s Official The MAVNI Program Is Closed For 2016

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but the Army MAVNI language program is officially closed for FY 2016. Vacancies still exist for licensed healthcare practitioners. Effective immediately, the Army will cease to process MAVNI applicants for enlistment. This includes status requests, OPI’s, and enlistments. As soon as we receive updates for the FY17 […]

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Chinese MAVNI Closing For New Applicants

Chinese MAVNI

We have just received an update specifically for Chinese MAVNI applicants. Due to the high applicant volume for Cantonese and Mandarin, the Army’s primary contractor has a backlog for the oral proficiency interview (OPI). Current, applicants are being scheduled to test in July. Unfortunately, it is expected that the MAVNI program will close sometime in […]

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How To Become A U.S. Citizen In Less Than A Year

How to become a US Citizen in Less Than A Year

For the legal immigrant trying to become a U.S. citizen, they may find the process incredibly time-consuming, tedious and expensive. However, I was one of the lucky ones. I received my citizenship status at birth. I didn’t need a visa, sponsorship, special skills, or have to meet the mandatory requirements of residency. Because of this, […]

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The 2016 MAVNI Information Paper

The 2016 MAVNI Information Paper answers some of the common questions you may have about the MAVNI program. Read this information paper in its entirety because it contains valuable information that will help you in your new Army career. Most sections apply to both MAVNIs who enlisted due to expertise in foreign languages and those […]

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