MAVNI Future Soldiers Trapped In DEP Unable To Ship To Training

In August we received notification about the last 100 MAVNI slots for FY16, shortly afterward the USAREC CG held a forum discussing the FY 17 MAVNI Program. Now, we have just received devastating news which will affect thousands of MAVNI Future Soldiers (FS), scheduled to ship to training over the next few months.

I understand that this information may come as a surprise and is extremely disheartening.

Bottom Line Up Front

We’ve experienced several problems and delays with MAVNI’s preventing them from shipping to Basic Training. Now, due to another unfortunate turn of events all MAVNI FS, both Regular Army and Army Reserve will not be allowed to depart for training.

In the past, shipping delays and renegotiations were only experienced by those with unreturned or unfavorable NIAC and SSBI results. This time round, those with favorable NIAC and SSBI results will not be permitted to ship.

An additional level of background investigations is currently under development. Once created and implemented all MAVNI FS will have to be cleared under the new protocol, in addition to the NIAC and SSBI being favorably closed.

USAREC has yet to provide us with any additional details.

What Happens Next

The Recruiting Operations Center has started renegotiating contracts for all current FS.  RA FS are being moved into MOS 09U with a ship date of FY18. AR are being moved into the same MOS and unit with an FY 18 ship date.

Contact your recruiter, for an updated copy of your reservation. The FS website WILL NOT have the correct information.

SSG Reardon Shares Insider Info

How’s everybody doing? My name is SSG Reardon and I’d like just a few minutes of your time to share some information that I’ve received in regards to soldiers that have enlisted underneath the Military Accessions Vital to National Interest program, affectionately known as MAVNI.

Recently the United States Army has received a directive from the office of the Secretary of Defense that has mandated increased security protocols in regards to MAVNI FS and those that are in training.

The exact details of what this will encompass have not been completely finalized yet, therefore additional details will be forthcoming in the future. What we do know is that additional, more stringent screening criteria is required effective immediately in order for any MAVNI soldier to ship to training or be naturalized.

As of now, all Regular Army MAVNI Soldiers will be placed in MOS 09U and their ship dates will be pushed into FY18. All Reserve MAVNI FS will stay in their current respective Reserve units while their training seats are being reviewed. All soldiers that have enlisted underneath the MAVNI program need to be prepared to see training dates pushed back until the details of the new security protocols have been finalized. All soldiers that are currently in training right now will be held over in current location and will be first priority when the new security protocols are implemented.

It is strongly, strongly, strongly suggested to stay in a legal immigration status or alternately to get into a legal immigration status if you’re not already in one. For those of you that feel it is completely impossible to get into any sort of legal immigration status whatsoever, I suggest to consult an immigration lawyer and discuss what options you may have.

The bottom line up front is absolutely no MAVNI FS will ship to any training whatsoever until the new security protocols are both finalized and implemented. Be prepared for a delay of an undetermined length. Do everything you can to stay in a legal status or alternately to get into a legal status if you’re not in one yet. As I said earlier, if you don’t think that is possible at all, consult an immigration attorney to discuss what options that may be available that you personally don’t know about.

I know this is disheartening information. From your individual positions this is gonna be extremely hard to accept. I cannot be any more detailed due to this being an unofficial channel of communication. What I can say is this is one of those times in each of our lives where our resiliency will be tested. I wish each and every one of you the best honestly, and I can empathize with your situations. I promise that I will always give you the most up-to-date information that I possess whether good, bad, or ugly. So please do everything that you can to prepare yourselves for extended delays accordingly.

That’s all I have for you guys. I can’t give any more information because I don’t have it but as I receive more details I will pass it onto you guys as it is. So, you know, good luck, stay strong out there. This is one of those times where you’re faced with some adversity. I know you guys are tired of hearing it but it is what it is. So, good luck from me and I’m here if any of you guys need any help.”

About the Author MSG Washington

MSG Washington has served within the ranks of the United States Army since June of 2001. With ten years of recruiting experience, he is an expert on Recruiting Operations, who willingly assists applicants across the Country with their enlistment process.

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