The Army Prior Service Business Rules That Determine Your Reenlistment Eligibility

Updated with the release of USAREC Message 16-071.

As a direct result of the economy, a large number of Veterans are abandoning the job hunt and attempting to reenlist into the US Army.

Prior Service Business RulesThese Prior Service (PS) applicants (anyone that has served more than 180 days on Active Duty), are faced with “restrictions” that determine when, and how they can continue serving.

These restrictions are referred to as Army Business Rules, HRC Business Rules, or just Prior Service Business Rules.

The rules provide detailed instructions to the Recruiting Force, on the enlistment criteria for prior service applicants.

It’s imperative that you read the messages below to understand what your qualifications are before meeting with a Recruiter.

Current Business Rules For 2016

As of 23 September 2016, PS Army applicants including Airmen, Sailors, and Marines applying for the Blue to Green (B2G) Program, are limited to certain Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) defined by the 2016 Business Rules.

In the past, applicants were allowed to reenlist by opting for a reduction in rank; this option will no longer be considered, no exceptions will be authorized.

Glossary Non-Prior Service applicants with less than 180 days of Active Federal Service (AFS), who have failed to complete initial military training and obtained an MOS, AFSC or Rating are not limited to the business rules.

As an example:

Separated from the Reserves or National Guard and did not ship to Initial Active Duty Training.

  • Private Smith was separated from his Reserve Unit while a member of the Delayed Entry Program. Smith failed to complete high school and separated before shipping to IMT. He was separated and received discharge orders from his unit and also the Recruiting Battalion where he enlisted. Should Mr. Smith elect to reenter the Army he would be considered a GNPS with zero days of AFS.

Separated from the Reserves or National Guard after completing Basic Training but failed to complete Advanced Individual Training (AIT).

  • Private First Class Yancy separated from the Reserves after completion of Basic Combat Training. Yancy enlisted as a 92Y during his junior year of high school under the Alternate Training Program. During the summer he reported to Fort Jackson, South Carolina and completed Basic. He was expected to report to Fort Lee, Virginia the following summer for AIT but was later separated. If Mr. Yancy elected to serve again, he would also be considered a GNPS with approximately 74 days of AFS.

Separated from any component of the Armed Forces with 179 days or less of AFS and did NOT complete MOS training.

  • Specialist Turner after graduating college, enlisted as a 68C. She departed for initial military training, completing Basic Training yet during week 4 of AIT she was separated for failing to achieve course standards. If Ms. Turner attempted to

Members of the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) who have disenrolled and are not ordered to Active Duty. (Refer to the current USAREC message for Cadets who have elected to be discharged and desire to enter AD)

  • Cadet Martinez was a member of the University of Texas ROTC program. After completing her sophomore year, she requested to be disenrolled from the program to enlist into the Army.

Determining MOS

Under normal circumstances, recruiters are authorized to create temporary reservations for Non-Prior Service applicants. However, all GNPS and PS applicants are required to have their reservations pulled by the Recruiting Operations Center and confirmed while visiting the Military Entrance Processing Station.

Recruiters and Guidance Counselors should validate all records to ensure they are built with the correct days of prior military service, MOS, rank, military units and history.

2016 Business Rules

The prior service business rules are updated periodically by the Human Resources Command.

Army Prior Service Business RulesGrade Determination Waiver will be required for PS applicants in grade E-5 and above.

The Grade Determination will be submitted electronically to the USAREC Commanding General in accordance with AR 601-210, Chapter 3-16.

If the applicant is MOS qualified in a job listed below; the Grade Determination will be granted, provided the applicant is otherwise qualified and meet NCOES requirements for enlistment grade.

GCs must ensure applicants who indicate family member(s) who may fall under the Exceptional Family Membership Program (EFMP) are identified to the ROC prior to a reservation being pulled. Refer to the USAREC message on EFMP.

Applicants in pay grade E-4 and above who hold MOS 18B, 18C, 18D, 18E, 18F, 42R, 42S, 46Q and 46R can request an exception to the rules. Send exception request thru GCRc as a grade determination. Exceptions are not always favorably considered.

Applicants who hold MOS 15S, 15T, or 15U in grades E-5 and below, who have completed the assessment and selected for assignment to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (SOAR) are authorized to enlist. Must submit a formal electronic request for grade determination to CG,
USAREC for final approving authority.

6) If an applicant does not hold the grade and MOS that has an open vacancy listed in paragraph 7a or 7c, and there are no retraining vacancies in the current grade listed in paragraph 7b, request for grade determination for the purpose of enlistment will not be favorably considered.

7) Accession date for PS/GNPS who enlist for primary option 18 (First Assignment Only) will be determined by the ROC. Once the objectives/requirements have been met by MOS and grade, that MOS and grade will be closed. The following vacancies are available provided the applicant is otherwise qualified and meet NCOES requirements for enlistment grade.

7a)Vacancies by grade and MOS (changes based on the needs of the Army):

7b) If no vacancy exists, the following MOS will be used for retraining(changes monthly based on the needs of the Army):

7c) The following vacancies by grade and MOS are available if already Airborne qualified.

  • Grades E-1 thru E-4 – 11B, 11C, 12B, 13B, 13D, 13R, 19D, 25M, 25V, 35F, 35G, 35N, 35T, 42A, 68W, 88N, 89B, 91B, 92A, 92F, 92G, 92L, 92W, 92Y, 94E or 94F.
  • Grade E-5 – 13B, 13F, 25C, 25U, 35F, 35L, 35M, 35S, 74D, 88N, 92A, 92W or 92Y.
  • Grades E-6 – 35F or 35G.

7d) Applicants in the grade of E-4 and below with 48 months or less active duty are authorized to enlist Option 3 (Training of Choice) or Option 18 (First Assignment Only) (if MOS qualified) to serve in a targeted MOS as identified by the ROC. Soldier’s who enlist Option 18 (no training) will count against a NPS Training seats. Applicants in the grade of E-4 and below with more than 48 months active duty are required to meet all other PS parameters outlined in this message.

8) PS Accession Branch, EEPD will decide grade determination for all applicants who require one as follows:

  • Applicant must enlist in the Delayed Status (DS) within 14 days of final grade determination. He/she must understand that the vacancies constantly change; if the grade determination expires prior to enlisting into the DS, it could be subject to disapproval
  • If an applicant does not hold the grade and MOS that has an open vacancy listed in paragraph 7a or 7c and there are no retraining vacancies in current grade listed in paragraph 7b, he/she will not be granted accession.

9) If a renegotiation is approved the Soldier may enlist under current rules or the rules in effect at time of entry in the DS.

10) Applicants who hold an Additional Skill Identifier (ASI) may request an ETP without regards to the listed MOS vacancies in paragraph 7a. Not all exceptions are favorably considered.

11) Applicants who are proficient in a language, as evidenced by DLPT results of 2/2 or higher, will also be considered ETPs and may be qualified for 35P ACASP. Language ability must not have been obtained by DLI attendance. Languages that will be considered are Arabic (any dialect) and Pashtu. Applicants that have approved ETPs must successfully complete 35P AIT. BCT may also be required IAW AR 601-210.

12) UM 15-033 and FRAGO 54 has been rescinded.

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